White Dwarf Issue 90: 17th October 2015 (Tablet Edition) - White Dwarf

White Dwarf Issue 90: 17th October 2015 (Tablet Edition)

By White Dwarf

  • Release Date: 2015-10-17
  • Genre: Artesanía y aficiones
  • Size: 21.77 MB

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White Dwarf 90 arrives, a bold new force for good in a hostile universe! The Tau Empire’s Fire Warriors return, with a brand new plastic boxed set, making either a Strike Team or Breacher Team, and we have a first look, painting guides, and full rules for the brand-new Breacher Team. Not only that, but a deadly new phase in the war on the fringes of Imperial space is beginning, with the Raven Guard on the offensive against the hated Xenos – we look at the new Shadow Force Solaq and Infiltration Cadre Burning Dawn boxed sets. Still not enough alien menace? Well, this week also sees the release of the Tau Tidewall – a huge, floating fortification. We’ve also got Operation Ghostkeel – a brand-new mission, exclusive to White Dwarf, for use with the new Ghostkeel battlesuit. Elsewhere we’ve got Parade Ground, Golden Demon and Armies on Parade. Get one now – it’s for the Greater Good!

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White Dwarf is Games Workshop's weekly magazine, and boasts a wealth of great content, from the latest new releases to modelling and painting guides, gaming features, new rules and much more besides.

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